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salon du chocolate logoWell, here it is – the start of chocolate week and I think I’ve got something to do with a giveaway EVERY DAY this week!

To start with, I’m giving away FIVE PAIRS of tickets to the London event of the year for chocolate – Salon du Chocolat! Yes, that’s right, chocolate samples, chocolate shops and all sorts of chocolate demos! You’ll want to say you were there and for free!

You can go Friday, Saturday or Sunday – YOUR CHOICE! I’ll be there Friday but I think to maximise the value of the ticket I’d choose Saturday – get there early though to really get the chance to go around everywhere!

If you’d like to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS to Salon du Chocolat I’ve used Rafflecopter so all you have to do is tell me in 10 words OR MORE what your favourite chocolate is and why. For extra chances to win, you can like us on Facebook and Tweet but those options will be released once you leave a comment about your favourite chocolate and you can gain extra entries that way! More chances to WIN! ENDS WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT!

Tell me why you love a cappuccino truffle, a sea salt caramel or a bar of spiced chilli. Invent a new flavour if you want but I just want to see you tell me something about what chocolate you love in TEN WORDS OR MORE.

Below RAFFLECOPTER is the press release giving all the details

a Rafflecopter giveaway

chocolate dressWe’re excited to announce that Salon du Chocolat, the world’s biggest chocolate show is coming to London. This spectacular finish to a wonderful line up of Chocolate Week events takes place 18-20th October at National Hall, Olympia. Here is a teaser of the show –

•      Exhibitors include top UK and International chocolate companies and chocolatiers
•      Demonstrations from Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite, patissier to the stars Eric Lanlard and the Head Pastry Chefs from The Fat Duck, Le Manoir aux quat’Saisons and Hakkasan
•      The highlight is Salon du Chocolat’s world famous chocolate fashion show – a collection of couture dresses designed by top fashion designers and chocolatiers
•      A chocolate spa featuring chocolate beauty products, massages and a bathing beauty relaxing in a gorgeous bath filled with chocolate ganache
•      Chocolate graffiti artist live at the show
•      The best chocolate companies from the UK and abroad such as Artisan du Chocolat, Paul a Young, Rococo, Hotel Chocolat, Marc Demarquette, Melt, Divine, Prestat, Lindt, Valrhona, Pralus and Bonnat.

Dates: 18-20 October
Venue: National Hall, Olympia (so make sure you map your route before hand as the tube doesn’t always go there!)
Times: Friday: open from 2pm to 6pm 
Saturday: open from 10am to 7pm 
Sunday: open from 10am to 6pm
Prices: Adult: £18 / £15 in advance; Child (from 4 to 12 years old): £12 / £10 in advance; Family (admits 2 Adults + 2 Children): £55 / £40 in advance; Concession (OAP’s and Students ID required): £15 / £13 in advance (but hopefully you’ll WIN a pair of tickets!)

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31 Responses to Salon du Chocolate – WIN a Pair of Tickets

  1. LINDSEY CLARK says:


  2. Gina says:

    I love Hazelnut praline chocolate. It’s a total classic maybe not that exciting for others but for me it’s totally irresistable! Whenever I get a box of chocolates they’re always the first to disappear.

  3. nikki hilton says:

    it’s got to be a brand new one i tried called: Forever Cacao- it’s Raw, Dark, Organic- and sweetened with Coconut sugar- it’s amazing- and very different from anything i’ve tried before……. only thing is- eat small amounts at a time, cuz it’s so rich!

  4. Tracey Peach says:

    I love all chocolate in fact you could call me a chocoholic. My favourite chocolate is a hard question for me as all chocolate is lovely. But I think I have to say Cadbury’s Caramel is the one I love the most. I love the soft, tasty toffee covered in thick cadbury’s chocolate.

  5. Luke Bowes says:

    Favourite has to be galaxy chocolate because it’s smooth and creamy, however looking to expand out of commercial brands and to try new things!

  6. Melissa Wash says:

    I love salted caramel chocolate especially when made into a Brownie! The sweet sweet caramel and chocolate hits those taste buds first then the kick of saltyness gets them tingling even more! A fab combination!

  7. Natalie says:

    Côte d’Or Noir Amandes currently being ´dégusté’ – perfect with any beverage and no excuse needed!

  8. Michelle Lam says:

    I love sugar free milk chocolate bars, does wonders at uplifting my mood and fits my dietary requirements.

  9. Alison Joyce says:

    I love chocolate and sea salt, the salt makes the chocolate even sweeter.

  10. Hailee Jefferson says:

    I love any chocolate that has coffee or hazlenut in it. If I could find both together that would make me very happy

  11. Zoe says:

    My favourite chocolate has to be the Hotel Chocolat caramel batons. They are the creamiest, smoothest chocolate I have ever tasted and the caramel isn’t so sweet that overpowers the chocolate. I have been told they now also do the salted caramel batons, time for a visit to my local..

  12. Julie says:

    It has to be Galaxy- but any chocolate would do!

  13. Cheryl M says:

    Hotel Chocolat’s salted caramels. The combination of rich, delicious chocolate, salt and soft, smooth caramel is irresistible – salt, fat and sugar all together!

  14. I really love chocolate Cadbury Thorntons nestle Lindt any chocolate aslong as its thick creamy I love it! New fave is Cadbury with daim a new fave the best choch to invent would maybe be an everlasting one so you get more pleasure for longer 😉

  15. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    I love white choc it is so silky and i put a square in my mouth and have a drink of hot tea to melt it, i can never bite it cause as am getting older it givs me tooth ach so i have to suck on it these days but i still love it all the same. x

  16. Heather Cain says:

    Old Jamaican Rum nothing like the alcoholic taste mixed with the raisins and choccie ooooh dreamy.

  17. rachel higgins says:

    my favourite is kinder beauno. love the insides and crispy wafer covered by smooth chocolate

  18. Dani says:

    I love 100% dark chocolate from Michel Cruizel. It is smooth, flavorful and full of heath benefits!

  19. Maria says:

    I love Lindor snowflakes! They’re delicious, cute and perfect for sharing (even though they’re so good that it’s hard to share)!

  20. Mark says:

    I like Dark Chocolate with Raspberries as the taste combination is simply exquisite

  21. Sandy says:

    The Lindt Orange Intense bar will cheer me up any day!

  22. Erika says:

    I love the orange milk chocolate from Divine; it’s so smooth and creamy and melts on my tongue in the most luxurious and satisfying way and it has just the right amount of orange flavour to really set it apart. I like to roll a piece around my mouth – it makes it seem like you have a lot more than one piece (hope my dentist doesn’t read this though, haha!). Of course, now I’m salivating and I don’t have any!!!

  23. Zoe says:

    I love Green & Blacks Butterscotch bars. The lovely creamy chocolate goes wonderfully with the slightly burnt toffee taste of the butterscotch. It’s like a Diam Luxe! It helps that it’s sustainably sourced and organic, too.

  24. vivian allman says:

    only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate ever tasted before………………flake

  25. Michelle Wragg says:

    Oooh, chocolatey chocolateness! Anything but white chocolate takes me straight to the Willy Wonka chocolate factory in my head!

  26. Kay Sheridan says:

    I love comfortable mailk chocolate. It’s comfortable, dependable and a friend when needed!

  27. Caroline Richards says:

    I love any good quality chocolate, particularly Belgian and Swiss chocolate of around 72% cocoa, although I also like milk chocolate, depending on my mood! My favourite way of eating it is in the form of a chocolate fondue, with fresh fruits to dip in. Melted chocolate just seems to taste so much better!

  28. Gael Sauvajon-Lesslar says:

    I adore Galak which is a French type of White Chocolate and also any chocolate with biscuits bits or hazelnut in it! Yum Yum!

  29. Phoebe says:

    I love Lindt Dark Chocolate Caramel with a Hint of Sea Salt. The sweet/salty combination means the flavours evolve throughout a mouthful and it is so moreish!

  30. Bernie says:

    I love artisan chocolates – always feel like a real treat to me. The thrill of treating myself once the kids are in bed is immense – The range available now is so huge I love the excitement of trying new flavours – anything with nuts in it is a huge hit with me.

  31. Natalie Henderson says:

    My absolute favourite is Green and Black’s Butterscotch Milk Chocolate. It is just so smooth and buttery tasting, I feel like I need to be alone to eat it!!! 🙂

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