Nanaimo Bars Recipe on Canada Day

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My mom has always been an awesome baker. I’ve always loved her baking and on Canada Day I miss being home because we’d always gather at my grandma’s and we’d have a BBQ and mom would bake and Mike would BBQ and grandma would have little gifts for us all. One of the awesome things my mom did was to modify recipes because I was, and am, a fussy eater. This is one altered recipe because I don’t like coconut in my Nanaimo Bars. I’m not sure if these are Canadian but they are named after a Canadian city.


120 g butter or margarine
50 g white sugar
1 egg
30 g cocoa

210 g Graham wafer crumbs
100 g chopped nuts

60 g butter
50 ml milk
30 ml vanilla custard powder (or pudding powder)
250 g sifted icing sugar

4 squares semisweet chocolate
5 ml butter


(1) Mix the 120g butter, white sugar, egg, and cocoa. Set over boiling water and stir until mixture resembles a custard. This is going to be mixed with the base to bind it
(2) Combine crumbs and nuts. Combine with the butter/sugar mixture, blending well. Spread and press tightly into a 22x22cm pan. This is the base so make sure it isn’t at all loose. Pack it in really tightly, pressing it firmly.
(3) Cream the 60g butter, milk, custard powder, and icing sugar. Beat it wekk so it becomes light. Spread carefully over the mixture in the pan. Don’t mush it into the base but spread it gently.
(4) Melt the chocolate over simmering water in a bain marie; add butter to this melted chocolate and blend well. Let it cool a bit and while still liquid but cool spread gently and carefully over the icing without pouring. Let set.

Chill and keep refrigerated.

While not the height of culinary cuisine, an honour possibly held by the beaver tail, poutine or split pea soup I’m sure, these are a wonderfully different sweet dessert. Share them with people you love.

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