Moment du Chocolat Microwave Hot Chocolate Review

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moment du chocolat hot chocolateIt said “ultra smooth Belgian hot chocolate” but I was doubtful.  Doubtful because as good as the Galaxy hot chocolate was, it wasn’t Soma or Paul A Young but it was still pleasantly nice.

So I pulled the foil lid off and put it in the microwave and noticed how much darker it was than the Galaxy.  The smell was richer and I was already more excited.

moment du chocolat hot chocolateI noticed again it wasn’t a full cup but I was ready for that so I microwaved it and stirred and sipped and it was lovely.  I think for a pound (that’s the price on the carton) it isn’t a bad deal.  It is a nice, dark chocolate drink, made with skin milk and deeply chocolaty.  It is a delicious silky smooth hot chocolate and when you follow the instructions you end up with a hot but not scalding cup of velvet smooth chocolate drinking chocolate.

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