Ginger and Dark Chocolate Thorntons Cookies Review

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thorntons ginger and dark chocolateThere something about a cookie fully dipped in dark chocolate that heartens the soul.  Well, at least my soul.  And it’s pretty shallow all told so I guess it is easy to please me 🙂

These are a thinner cookie than some of the others but they are still delicious.  You can see that, when compared to perhaps the lemon they aren’t as thick or as big but they are big on flavour.

These cookies are still hard but they are very gingery, probably related to the small chunks of chewy ginger in the cookie.  The scent of that is strong and my first thought was to check the chocolate for blooming.  It seems that chewy ginger like this always causes a bloom on chocolate and dark chocolate is, it seems, more prone to this.

The cookie is slightly dry but not unpleasant.  I think for a boxed cookie they are a fair alternative to a boring ginger nut and far more luxurious.  The addition of real fruit, full dip in chocolate and careful boxing means a perfect cookie pretty much every time.  I’d recommend storing these carefully though and not subjecting them to many temperature variations to prevent the blooming.

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