Thorntons Praline and Milk Chocolate cookies Review

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thorntons praline and milk chocolateThe nuttiness of this crumbly cookie is immediately evident.  This is another half dipped in chocolate cookie but unlike the triple chocolate chunk this is much crumblier, readily coming apart on the mouth.

There seem to be small chunks of nuts (hazelnuts and almonds I assume) in with the cookie which adds to the crumbly nature of the cookie, preventing it getting too hard.  The crumbly nature also makes it a pleasant cookie to eat but these are sweeter than others.

thorntons praline and milk chocolateThe praline seems to add a sweetness that is enhanced by the half-dip in the milk chocolate.  It is a dark coloured cookie, making it easy to identify the nuts, and it mixes well with the chocolate.  The texture of the cookie is also light with a slight hint of perhaps caramelization on the nuts leading to crunchy sugar in the cookie.

These are a bit sweet for me and maybe a bit nutty for me but I think they add a delicious additional line of cookies to this fantastic range.

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