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melt hot chocolateI review a lot of hot chocolates and I find that they can all be very different. Artisan differs from Melt which differs from Paul A Young which differs from William Curley. Each is delicious and different and thick and rich and chocolaty.

Melt chocolate is gorgeous. It is made with real chocolate and is constantly being mixed with a small amount of milk, churning and turning constantly to keep an even mix in the hot chocolate and a nice heat.

Just look at how gorgeous this cup of hot chocolate looks – wooden saucer, ceramic cup, slight bubble to the top of the hot chocolate – delightful! I could sit back and drink this all day, slowly, with a small glass of water. Maybe something savoury with it – a tiny bowl of vegetable crisps or salted cashews and macadamia nuts

It is rich and distinctly chocolaty though with an edge of something I’m not sure of. I can be really tough on chocolate though as I have a slightly sensitive palate and so can often taste things others aren’t aware of. I doubt you are going to get this edge of something so I’d say 99% of people are only going to get the rich deep chocolate flavour without anything to mar the experience but perhaps the rumble of a large vehicle outside 🙂

Melt hot chocolate is only available in store. I had it at their shop near Notting Hill.

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