Matcha Chocolat Easter Egg Selection Review

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I’ve been a fan of Katie since she started down the road from my home in Oxfordshire. Her tea chocolates have evolved and while she has added more than just tea, she has also evolved the chocolate she chooses.  The chocolate she chooses and how she creates her chocolates has meant they are now simply stunning and rival some of the top chocolatiers.

This Easter, Katie has created some really awesome eggs that are meant to be enjoyed in different ways. You can either eat each side of the egg individually or eat them together. Katie has created them to work well either way and they certainly do. They are all delicious but the sea salt caramel was something really special…

The set of 12 eggs, each weighing in at 24grams, come in four distinct flavour combinations: Venezuelan Ganache /Pecan Feullantine, Tonka Bean Caramel/Venezuelan Ganache, Pistachio Ganache/Pistachio Marzipan, and Sea Salt Caramel/Hazelnut. Each one is unique and totally different. These are unique and something totally new and the flavours are totally amazing.

Venezuelan Ganache /Pecan FeullantineVenezuelan Ganache /Pecan Feullantine – beautiful iridescent blue striped egg – This is amazing! I loved the two flavours combined together but I found them individually even better, The pecan feullantine is just amazing and the flavours really spark in the mouth. The subtle, almost maple flavour of the pecan in with the crunchy feullantine against the blended chocolate is just perfect. The Venezuelan ganache was just gorgeous on its own full of red fruits and sharp acidic tang briefly flitting across your tongue before it mellows into a bold brownie flavour.

Pistachio Ganache/Pistachio MarzipanPistachio Ganache/Pistachio Marzipan – blue speckled egg – well, I guess in the ‘something for everyone’ category, this certainly ticks the boxes. I am not a huge fan of this one but I can certainly appreciate the extremely high quality of boththe pistachio marzipan and pistachio ganache. The marzipan is perfectly created with a slight firmness and yet no wetness. It can be shaped and is perfectly flavoured for marzipan lovers and pistachio lovers alike. The Pistachio ganache perfectly complements the marzipan, pulling the flavour through to the ganache in a balanced but flavourful way. The flavour of the pistachio is distinct and yet brilliantly and expertly balanced against the chocolate itself, with neither boasting too much emphasis.

Tonka Bean Caramel/Venezuelan GanacheTonka Bean Caramel/Venezuelan Ganache – iridescent pink striped egg – this is one that surprised me. The tonka bean was quite pronounced but with the ganache it calms it quite a bit with the tonka and ganache together becoming a softer floral. The chocolate here has a bit of a sharp note as it combines with the tonka but that really does surface as the dominant flavour. I’m still not 100% a tonka fan but this is certainly one I will eat. Individually I find the muscavado-like flavour of the caramel more pronounced and the tonka almost less-so. It was as though having less chocolate make the tonka flavour almost soften. The ganache on its own is still delicious and soft and silky and just as sexy as all heck.

Sea Salt Caramel/Hazelnut FeullantineSea Salt Caramel/Hazelnut Feullantine – pink and red speckles – interesting….together the sea salt caramel and hazelnut feullantine create an interesting flavour in the mouth. The crunch and soft flowing caramel are delicious and a surprising combination. The flowing creamy caramel is delicious and yummy and the hazelnut just sets it off perfectly. The hazelnut feullantine on its own is interesting. I’m not getting too much hazelnut in the praline and so together with the feullantine it’s actually delicious on its own. The caramel on its own is creamy yumminess and delightful. The shell plus the creamy caramel with salt is just delicious. Getting close to Paul A Young in the running for my favourite sea salt caramel.

All in all this is an Easter egg selection you’re going to want to buy several of. One to give, one to hide and one to eat. These are absolutely worth every penny of the price and then some.  Make the choice this Easter to select high quality eggs to share with the kids or adults. Say no to crap and yes to high quality, hand made, artisan filled chocolate eggs.

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