Joe & Seph’s Salty Caramel Popcorn

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joe sephs salty caramelIt’s been awhile since I reviewed any of the wonderful Joe & Seph’s popcorn. As you may remember from my previous review of their popcorn, their flavours are perfectly explosive and quite true to life. Their mince pie flavour was true to life and their caramel fully coats the popcorn, with a brilliant mouth feel.

I went for the salty caramel to try something different, to see what the bare naked caramel softened by the salt would be like. Given that this is made differently than UK caramel popcorn, I do enjoy it. At £4 for 90g (3 bags for £12) it is more expensive than other caramel popcorns but *I* think it is worth it.

Joe & Seph's Salty Caramel PopcornImagine a caramel popcorn that you don’t feel compelled to keep eating more and more. Imagine a caramel popcorn that is so delicious, so robustly flavoured that despite the fact it is sugar-based and is hugely addictive you can put it down after a few delicious morsels. Imagine something so satisfying that you need only a small amount to make you feel full.

This thickly coated caramel popcorn has a delightful flavour and a kind of dusty edge to the caramel that makes it absolutely melt in your mouth. The caramel flavour is distinct without being too sweet and without being overpowering. This is absolutely delightful! I think I should gift myself with a jar of this – or perhaps caramel with almonds. Oh if only there was one with maple and pecans…

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