Icexoc Hand Made Chocolates in Berlin

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Icexoc chocolates in a case


I visited this shop as one of the few places advertised as having chocolates.  Language is always a difficulty and the gentleman there behind the counter did his best to help.  When asked he said that the chocolates at Icexoc were handmade by the owner.  I suspected otherwise but purchased what I was led to believe was a milk chocolate and a green tea chocolate.

The chocolate are in fact from the renamed Australia company I discovered in Amsterdam.  This chain in Berlin is called Bandy Brooks and these chocolates were from this chain.  If you are in the area and want a lovely ice cream this is for sure the place to go.  If you’d like some Bandy Brooks chocolates surrounded by steel and glass buildings reaching to the sky, this is the place to go.

The chocolates were made with a lower quality chocolate and they are excessively sweet but I’m sure they will appeal to some folk.  Sitting here with a chocolate and a milkshake watching the world move is delicious.

The chocolate is sweet and unsofisticated.  The chocolates themselves are large and with the sweet flavour of the chocolate it is difficult to finish more than one.  This is not because, as with a high quality chocolate, you feel satisfied.  It is because it is too much sugar.

These chocolates still have a way to go but they are better than candy 🙂

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  1. coversnail says:

    They look pretty lovely in their display cases 🙂 I’m always such a wimp when it comes to trying to converse in other languages, I’d probably accidently order something complaetely wrong!

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