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I don’t quite know how it happened but I found myself at the office one day without any chocolate.  Sure there was some in the back of my middle drawer but that was fit only for brownies.  What in the world was I to do?  How had it come about that I was in the office and bereft of chocolate?  I’m not entirely sure how it happened but it happened.  In desperation, I turned to Twitter.

hod twitter

House of Dorchester folk who were busy redesigning their new chocolate site saw that I was chocolate-less and leapt to my aid.  They dispatched one of their luxury boxes to me knowing how much I loved the selection.  It flew to my office and, of course, I had to share as it came to the office.  I try to hide the chocolate but they always know when a box or bag comes, it is almost always chocolate.


hod luxury


My favourite is Cafe Noix. It’s a coffee flavoured sweet fondant which is a lovely gooey mess.  It’s covered in dark chocolate and topped with a whole pecan nut.  Just delicious!  I grabbed one before anyone else could get one.  I also managed to get a Marc de Champagne and a Violet Creme chocolate before they got gobbled up.  The violet crème is lovely and gooey as well and they goo’ed together on the plate when I cut them in half.

hod gooey

This is a fun selection.  It is sweet and of course it is a long shelf life chocolate but they are great fun and the office and I enjoyed tucking in to them.  YUM!

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