Hotel Chocolat Truffle Christmas Tree

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hotel chocolat truffle treeIt was a hot afternoon when I was introduced to the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range and what a range it was!  I’ve always been a fan but as I had never tried it I was reluctant to try it.  Unconvinced what looked like pistachios in chocolate was a good idea and that a tree with chocolates can’t possibly be that good, I declined to invest in any.  I was wrong.

Almonds, cranberries, feulitine, truffles, dark chocolate and deliciousness in thick chocolate.  The thick chocolate is delicious.  There is so much chocolate this is absolutely fine for 6 people or more.  It’s fun to cut up and makes a bit of a mess but everyone I shared it with absolutely loved it.hotel chocolat truffle tree with knife

They loved the nice dark chocolate and with the fruit mixed in it created a nicely balanced treat.  I was always sure this wouldn’t work and the cranberries wouldn’t work but they are lovely!  Much better than raisins, the cranberries were delicious especially with the almonds and feulitine.  The truffles had nutty flavour but that comes with being a praline.  The truffles do slightly jar with the sweeter fruit and feulitine but it still comes across nicely.

I would say have this at a party and make sure you have a sharp knife to cut it up with.  It’ll need to be sturdy as the chocolate is quite thick and you will make a bit of a mess with it but it is well worth it.

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