Green & Blacks New Chilli and Sea Salt Bars Reviewed

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Green & Blacks New Chilli and Sea Salt Bars ReviewedGreen & Blacks are trying to evolve their offering and create new flavours that move with the market I’m assuming with these bars. I was slightly curious about them as one of my friends said of the sea salt bar that he, and these are his words: “I jizzed a little in my pants”. Again, his words, not mine. With a recommendation like that, I touched base with the G&B team and got a sample – exciting!


spiced chilli green and blacksSpiced Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar – I can’t remember reviewing the Maya bar but I imagine it is along the lines of that bar. The pink peppercorns have a distinctive flavour and I think I can just get a bit of juniper in my nose but if I hadn’t been told I might have struggled a bit because there is so much going on in this bar. There seems to be more than just pink peppercorn and juniper berry but the spices are slightly masked by a heat that certainly warms your mouth.  The flavours aren’t too overwhelming but it is definitely a bar you’ll only eat a small amount of at a time.

sea salt green and blacksSea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar – This one I was wondering what it would be like. I don’t mind milk chocolate so I already knew that I was going to probably like it. I am still addicted to the crispy milk chocolate bar. This was a creamy milk with a bit of a malted  flavour. The salt calms the sweetness down and so you get a creamy milk chocolate bar that is a little less sweet. The salt is mixed in and still in crystals so as the chocolate melts in your mouth, so does the salt. Who am I kidding – as you chew it, it mixes in. I’m probably one of like 6 people who read this blog who lets chocolate actually melt in their mouth 😉 😀 and really, why lets a Curly Wurly melt, right? So chew away friends but if you do let it melt, it is just as amazing – if not more.

So both of these bars are nice and for different reasons. The Spiced Chilli and Sea Salt are both fun for different likes. If you like a bit of head HEAT and an array of spices without it being too hot in your dark chocolate, Spiced Chilli is your choice. If you like milk chocolate and are looking for something with a bit more complexity, Sea Salt is the one for you.

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  1. “…if you like a bit of head…” ? Um, nice typo, Judith! That aside, these both sound worth investigating – thanks for the pointer!

  2. Kelly says:

    I LOVE the sea salt bar!

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