Green & Blacks Milk Collection Egg Reviewed

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Green & Blacks Milk Collection Egg ReviewedIn possibly the fastest movement I have ever seen out of my husband, when he saw the Green & Black’s egg come out of the box he dashed to it and said “mine”. Well, that was me told. After as light tousle where I explained he’d have to sacrifice part of the egg, I managed to emerge with both the chocolate bars that come with the egg and a piece of the egg itself.

This is the passion and desire the mere mention of Green & Black’s evokes in many people. Founded by Craig Sams on ethical principles, it turned mass manufacture on its head a bit. Larger cocoa companies couldn’t believe that it could be done the way G&B were doing it at scale and yet once they saw the process in action, they were converted.

Green & Blacks Milk Collection Egg ReviewedAs you can see, the egg is relatively thick and, so that your egg doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s, it is stamped as Green & Black’s. The milk chocolate is going to be a crowd pleaser, being their standard milk and with it being marketed as organic and Fairtrade it’ll be a popular choice this Easter.

There is no plastic used in the packaging of this egg, continuing the green theme. The chocolate is Fairtrade and the company was founded on a strong set of ethics. With these eggs being made in Britain, why not support British made eco-eggs this year and choose a household name in Green & Black’s.

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  1. mike says:

    Made in England with all profits going to America. How long before production is shifted overseas?

    • Judith Lewis says:

      If you ask, Green & Blacks is still run the way it was set up by Craig Sams so even though they are a tiny part of Kraft, they still remain true to their core values. I think that although they have been swallowed by a really big fish the fact they still run the way they started is a pretty remarkable accomplishment 🙂

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