Easter at Paul A Young – Sea Salt Caramel Egg in Cup

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Paul A Young Sea Salt Caramel Egg

Lovers of Paul A Young’s sea salted caramels must think Christmas has come early with the release of the rather large sea salt caramel egg. Larger than a Cadbury’s crème egg, it is also slightly larger than a traditional breakfast egg but not by much.

The egg comes in an egg cup with a lovely egg spoon to scoop out all that lovely sea salt caramel. The chocolate used is a delight. Delicious and lots of it, the chocolate encases the rather extremely generous filling. Hungry as I was, and celebrating a few milestones in my life as I was, I still could not finish the whole egg. No bad thing, a bit of cling film and I can report it was as nummy later as when fresh.

This is any chocolate lover’s dream and must have. Forget that cheap chocolate, forget boxes of Easter crème eggs, forget fancy silly overpriced bunnies, get the chocolate lover in your life this egg. They’ll love you for it. I love the person who sent me mine lots and lots now – YUM!

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  1. I bought one of these for my husband for Easter – it was incredible. I didn’t imagine that Paul would be able to improve on the sea salted caramel but this was just spectacular. Definitely the best Easter egg I have ever eaten. I can’t wait until next Easter!

    • JudithLewis says:

      I know – is this not the most fantastic thing ever? It was invented for those of us who cannot get enough of those sea salt caramels he produces obviously 🙂

  2. Terrinha says:

    I would love the Essential Easter Collection to share with everyone at North Star Nursery Swindon at our faoublus Easter Egg hunt and Easter Bonnet parade! All the staff and parents do such a great job of supporting the nursery through good times and hard times it would be so great to be able to reward them with a bit of luxury to say thank you!

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