Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel & Dominican Republic 74%

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dick taylor fleur de sel barI am a fan of the Dick Taylor range. I have no idea who Dick Taylor is but I know they treat their beans with love and the kind of attention that only microbatch makers can. I have experienced their treatment of both Ecuadorian and Dominican Republic beans and I am hooked.  This is some stunning chocolate!

American chocolate tends to be created by a certain company with a penchant for over-fermenting the beans.  Apparently there is a historical reason to this related to how the beans were transported and that because of this treatment, Americans apparently developed a taste for this specific type of chocolate.  I, on the other hand, am Canadian and we have done no such thing.  Mind you, we also didn’t have a large, independent chocolate-making company that shipped wet beans…

dick taylor fleur de sel barI’m often disappointed by Fleur de Sel because of it overpowering the chocolate but not here. The explosion of fruit in my mouth as the salt quickly dissolved with the very quickly dissolving chocolate was amazing. The salt didn’t turn into brine but rather immediately blended in my mouth to create a more strikingly defined chocolate flavour. Absolutely delightful!

I’m really pleased I had the chance to try this bar.  It has a rich deep flavour and I hope you’ll order one for yourself to discover this lovely craft chocolate maker!

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