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demarquette festive ganacheChristmas is a time for chocolate.  Presents be damned, it is a time for chocolate and Demarquette has created some amazing chocolates for the season.  They have the Royal Merina, the Festive Caramels and these ganaches.  I really enjoy Demarquette chocolates and I like the way that Marc is doing something different.

These ganaches are a little more traditional and in a sense they remind me a bit of La Maison du Chocolat. These do have a more pronounced flavour than other similar ganaches but if we look at some other filled chocolate they are more subtly, requiring savouring.

demarquette festive pistachio cardamomPistachio & Cardamom – The cardamom here is not too pronounced and yet still distinct. The ganache is nice without too much overwhelming flavour and while there are inclusions, they only enhance the ganache.

demarquette festive apple ciderMulled Cider & Heritage Apples – I love the flavour of this chocolate. The red jelly makes you think mulled wine but the flavour is all about apples and a hint of spice – enough of a hint that you can taste them but not enough to be overpowering.

demarquette festive fig cinnamonFig & Cinnamon Port – Quite subtle with bits of fig seed, this takes awhile to develop in your mouth but when it does it fills you with flavours of Christmas and dessert after dinner of the kind you have later at night.  As I ate this chocolate I was transported back to my childhood absolutely.  Magical.

demarquette festive eastern spicesGinger & Eastern Spices – I’m not a fan of ginger but this wasn’t too bad.  The delicious ganache was mildly gingered and the spices added an extra depth and dimension I wasn’t expecting. I actually found myself enjoying this ganache and the delicious chocolate used.

All in all the mulled cider & heritage apples was my favourite.  Maybe because I’m Canadian, maybe because I’m missing my family and maybe because I missed Canadian Thanksgiving or maybe I just need more mom’s cooking but this ganache struck a chord for me. I’d quite happily buy a box of just this ganache but I liked the others.  This would be a perfect hostess gift (especially if you’re the hostess).

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