Damian Allsop H2O Chocolate Golden Easter Egg Review

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damian allsop golden eggThis Easter, why not forgo the usual cheap, crappy chocolate egg and invest in something that isn’t just delicious but is good for the environment!  Why not buy an egg that helps stop deforestation because for each Easter egg that you buy, 4 trees are replanted.

The amazing Virunga chocolate from the Congo is also part of a conservationist project which has proven to have drastically changed the lives of the plantation workers. From the ground-up Original Beans has developed this first-ever single-origin cacao from war-torn Eastern Congo. They have established nurseries, created many training programmes, and replanted forests to help farmers rebuild their livelihoods and communities.  This in turn helps them help to protect Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest nature reserve and home of the last Mountain Gorillas on earth.

damian allsop golden egg insideThis 300g Egg is made entirely from Virunga chocolate (68%) from Original Beans, and is filled with 5 mini golden eggs, which are in turn, filled with Cru Virunga Water Ganache.  This chocolate develops quickly with several distinct flavours all attempting to gain prominence in your mouth. The subtle interplay just isn’t here as swirls of tobacco jostle with red fruits. The melt is moderately quick and it finishes cleanly with the lingering flavour of blackcurrant most strongly finishing off a piece in the mouth.

See that bubble wrap in chocolate? The first time I encountered bubble wrap was at the Gu puddings launch where head chef Fred Ponnavoy had created chocolate bubble wrap, chocolate masks, chocolate leaves and more. This bubble wrap is a little different and a lot more fun. There is a lovely secret inside the chocolate bubble wrap – POPPING CANDY! That’s right – you can pop the chocolate bubble wrap by letting it melt and let the popping begin!

damian allsop virunga eggsStop eating buy one get two free Easter eggs from supermarkets who use low quality beans, with extra sugar and oil instead of cocoa butter. Get an egg for the family this year that does environmental good, tastes amazing, has small, shareable eggs inside it and is delicious with that special secret for the kids – popping candy.

This egg though is only available for collection from places like Liberty’s that sells Damian Allsop chocolates and at the chocolate festivals one of which is happening in London on March 30 – April 1 (no joke :-D)

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