Chocolicious Triple Chocolate Whoopies from Co-Op

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chocolicious triple chocolate whoopiesWhoopie pies are becoming extremely popular and these are an interesting way to experience them.  When I’ve had whoopee pies in the past, they are a delicate balance between sweet and sweeter and it is a difficult balance to achieve.

chocolicious triple chocolate whoopie piesHere we have 2 chocolate cookis with icing in the middle.  The top cookie has a chocolate coating and white and milk chocolate sprinkles on top.

For me, these are too sweet.  The cookie is soft and so easily to bite through and the icing is somewhat more structurally solid than I’m used to.  The chocolate is only hinted at and overall I didn’t finish the one I tried.

I wouldn’t recommend them but I can see them being a huge hit at a kids party!

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2 Responses to Chocolicious Triple Chocolate Whoopies from Co-Op

  1. Jo Bryan says:

    Aww disappointing, I have not met a decent whoopie yet, as you I find them too sweet.

  2. Holly Green says:

    I’ve heard that whoopie pies are only worth trying in America! Then again, we have better chocolate in the UK 😛

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