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benitos hat making moleBenito’s Hat has four locations around London and for the week of Chocolate Week they will be adding to their menu one of the most quintessentially Mexican of Mexican foods – mole! But this is not just any mole – this is authentic Mexican mole made by a chef from Mexico taught the recipe by his mother incorporating 17 different ingredients.

Mole is not the only thing that Benito’s Hat have added for Chocolate Week – they have also added a most decadent chocolate brownie which is HUGE and a lovely chocolate cocktail which is close to a margarita but without lime juice. It was chocolaty, sticky, but not too sweet, making it extremely drinkable. I *love* the garnish of three Malteesers – it’s like a 3 olive martini!

benitos hat burritoWe started with Filipe walking us through how the mole was made. He had laid out all the elements of the mole before he had combined them to make the chicken. The tortillas were heated before being filed with hot rice, black beans cooked to soft perfection, and the chicken mole. Once everything is secreted inside, the wrap is closed and the mole sauce is liberally spread all over it. Not quite drenched but they certainly didn’t skimp on it! Add a healthy dose of salad and there you have it.

(I’m having trouble uploading my video to YouTube but I will do so ASAP)

This burrito is special though – no guacamole, no extra anything and no changing perfection. When you order this blending of perfect nuts, herbs, spices, fruits and love you get it as Filipe means you to have it, as Mexicans expect it and as Filipe’s mother would be proud to see him serve – a proper mole burrito. The mole is perfect – it is not at all sweet and the flavours of the chicken mole blend perfectly to create a delicate balance of flavours. Not too spicy but there is a slight heat, not at all sweet and yet not bitter. It is the epitome of mole (and I’ve had quite a few).

benitos hat brownieOn top of the best mole I’ve ever had in my life, we also had a ginormous chocolate brownie for dessert. This was possibly almost as large as the burrito! There are nuts in here (as there is as part of how the mole is made) but this is a delicious brownie. A generous drizzle of chocolate sauce and possibly the best strawberry outside my local farm I have ever tried.

All in all, I’m frankly shocked at how much food you get for £15.95. I’d say, pop out of Chocolate Unwrapped (as long as there is an in/out policy), share this lunch with a friend and you’ll be sorted for the WHOLE DAY. Delicious and a proper savoury chocolate dish!

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