ChocoHolly Organic Rich Milk Chocolate Bar

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chocoholly milk chocolate boxAt 46% cocoa, I would expect Chocoholly’s chocolate bar to have a strong chocolate flavour. Worryingly, however, the first listed ingredient is cane sugar.  So instead of putting the possibly sugary chocolate into my mouth, I did a bit of research on Holly whose beautiful artwork decorates the boxes within which the chocolate bar is hidden.

Holly is a contemporary artist who has a passion for chocolate and was so inspired by the film Chocolat that she went on a quest.  The end of her quest is some of the most interesting sounding chocolates I have come across.  The passion for organic is strong too and so I was hoping for something good.

And so I braved it.  The immediate sweetness coated my mouth and then and chocolate started to fight its way through. 

chocoholly milk chocolate 46% cocoa bar partly munched by me

The chocoholly milk chocolate 46% cocoa bar (part eaten)

 Smooth and slightly fatty, there is a hint of graininess which is not unpleasant.  The chocolate comes through as a smooth, gentle flavour, typical of milk chocolates.  A stronger hint of earthiness than I’m used to comes through in the chocolate but it is hidden by the creaminess and sugary flavour.

It’s a good milk chocolate and a good change from Cadbury’s.  I especially like the resealable plastic sleeve the chocolate is in which means you can enjoy a little and seal the rest for later.  The stronger chocolate flavour means you feel satisfied for longer.

A good way to support a small chocolate maker who is making a difference in the chocolate world with organic offerings.

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  1. Running Betty says:

    My favorite organic chocolate is from Endangered Species. I did a search on your site and didn’t find them here. Check out chocolatebar -dot- com. My favorite is the Chimpanzee bar which is 72% dark, no fruit or added stuff, the first ingredient is NOT sugar, in fact it is sweetened with beet juice instead of sugar. This flavor is not organic, but is all-natural, shade-grown and ethically-traded cocoa beans from small family-owned farms.

    • JudithLewis says:

      I’m afraid I haven’t been sent any and I wasn’t even aware of it before your email. I suppose that’s why you’re leaving a comment really – to just let the world know about these chocolates.

      It’s getting to be a crowded markerplace and its hard to stand out from the crowd but I hope this works for them.

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