Chococo Dark Chocolate Golden Easter Egg Review

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chococo golden eggA dark chocolate egg decorated with hand piped swirls & edible gold lustre and studded inside with raspberries & strawberries. This 175g egg is handmade of 70% cocoa solids trinitario bean dark chocolate from the Caribbean island of Grenada. The egg is decorated with hand-piped dark chocolate swirls & shimmering edible gold
chococo golden egg brokenWell, I have to say when I tried to break my way into this egg it certainly took some doing! I was whacking and whacking it and finally when enough crushing force was applied, it pretty much exploded!  Lucky thing I kept it in the box!! When you finally break open the egg (or crush it as I did), you will be greeted with freeze-dried strawberries & raspberries that have been encased in the dark chocolate shell between two layers of dark chocolate which keep them crunchy & the fruit flavours sharply sour and intense.

chococo golden egg broken openWith this egg, the flavours of the two red fruits and their sharp sour flavour cut through the intensity of the dark chocolate very nicely and balance everything. I think that this is going to be a favourite of adults (and kids) everywhere. There is just something about this egg that I’m really enjoying eating. The sour of the berries which are dried to keep the intensity of the flavours intact.

This layered chocolate egg is really something else. With the dried berries secreted inside the chocolate you don’t really know what you’re in for until you bite into it.  With this egg it is really thick so smaller pleasure-seekers should be careful with their teeth but it is dark chocolate so healthier than those sweet eggs most get at this time of the year 🙂

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