Choccy Munchy Seeds with Apricot

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choccy munchy seedsSometimes I need an excuse to eat chocolate which goes beyond simply “I want some”. Sometimes I try and believe that the chocolate is healthy but I know the sugar means it isn’t. And then something like choccy munchy seeds comes along.

These are a combination of healthy seeds and chocolate and apricot bits. Now, I’m a fan of roasted sunflower seeds but these are raw and I’m also a fan of roasted pumpkin seeds and these are again raw and well, that’s what makes them healthy. Add into the mix small apricot bits and this is a sweet snack you can say is healthy 🙂

choccy munchy seeds closeupThe chocolate may not be high quality but I enjoyed the variety. The sunflower seeds were covered with a sweet milk chocolate and the pumpkin seeds were covered in dark chocolate. The apricot chunks were soft and chewy and covered in dark chocolate as well and when you combined the three flavours in your mouth it was actually surprisingly nice.

I surprised myself by liking these. I’m not sure I’d buy them as they are very moreish and I’d likely end up eating too many but as an alternative snack giving you something healthy and sweet at the same time, I think this is the perfect snack.

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  1. coversnail says:

    Always useful to have a way to get kids to eat something healthy! Noy sure these could really be classed as a health food though 😉

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