Champagne Chocolate Truffles from Prestat

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Prestat Marc de Champagne TrufflesAs you open the box, you can smell the champagne and the inside of the lovely purple box holds a bunch of these lovely balls of goodness just waiting to be shared.  There are plenty in each box and a thick chocolate shell on the chocolate ensures none will be broken when they are received.

Each chocolate is covered in powdered sugar on the outside.  Biting through the think chocolate shell you bite in to a lovely, almost liquid centre of the champagne ganache.Champagne Truffles from Prestat

This truffle is very sweet – from the powdered sugar outside through the sugary chocolate, it is sweet all the way down.  Too sweet for me.  The chocolate as well is not the highest quality but it is firmly better than some other chocolate shops.  The trade off between high quality chocolate and shelf life has been measured and weighed and balanced as carefully as possible, meaning Prestat seem to have worked to create a transportable great quality chocolate.

A special treat, it is likely to be enjoyed by everyone and the beautiful box is extremely sturdy so it’ll survive being moved – if there are any left to be moved once the box is opened!

There’s something about champagne truffles that makes them wonderfully special no matter what.  These have earned a firmly wonderful place in the “great” chocolate section.

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