Carluccios Hot Chocolate Review

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In a small shot or diluted in a larger cup, this hot chocolate is perfect for almost any taste.

While the small hot chocolate shot is thick and custardy like the Apostrophe hot cocoa, the Carluccio’s hot chocolate comes across with a higher complexity of chocolate flavour but in a tiny shot it is also more expensive.

The milky version is the shot of custardy hot chocolate with milk expertly added to create a beautiful hot chocolate sure to appeal to anyone with a love of chocolate.

The dark chocolate of the custardy shot is lovely and silky smooth and there is just too little to enjoy in a small shot.  The chocolate is slightly earthy in flavour but it has not been overcompensated for through excessive sweetness – it simply stands alone for the drinker to enjoy.

With both options of a thick shot of hot chocolate or a milky more liquid version, Caruccio’s offers something for most hot chocolate lovers.

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