Askinosie Hot Chocolate

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Askinosie Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate made from Askinosie 70% chocolate

Made from real chocolate at home, Askinosie hot chocolate is a delight you can enjoy anytime.  It uses real chocolate disks mixed with milk to create the perfect hot chocolate.

By taking the chocolate disks and melting them before adding the hot milk slowly and carefully, you start by creating a paste of the chocolate before adding more hot milk to create the hot chocolate itself.

It is slightly complex to make as I found the melted chocolate had to be quite thoroughly mixed with a little hot milk at a time to prevent what I had the first time (some chocolate left in the bottom).

This hot chocolate is made from my favourite Arriba Nacional bean chocolate at the best 70% ratio for it,  The chocolate flavour is clear and vibrant in this hot chocolate though care should be taken to let it cool slightly while stirring so as to not scald yourself (speaks the voice of experience) to help the whole flavour of the chocolate through.

This make-at-home treat is perfection in a mug and few things you find on the high street can compare to it.  It means no matter how bad your day has been, you’ll always have a nice mug of real hot chocolate waiting for you.

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