Apostrophe Hot Chocolate Review

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Thick like custard is the first thought you have when drinking an Apostrophe hot chocolate.  The second thought is along the lines of despair that the luscious warm chocolate custard will end when this cup finishes and why does it have to cool so quickly.

The lovely custardy goodness that is this hot chocolate is extremely luscious and lovely and something you want to experience again and again.  The chocolate itself is not impressive, lacking the depth of flavour an Askinosie hot chocolate or Paul A Young hot cocoa might have.  What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in sheer silky addictive goodness.

The hot chocolate is dispensed from an old fashioned tea urn into a cup.  When I asked for a small, I was given a disbelieving look – clearly they know this can be addictive.  The rich dark chocolate poured into the cup and lid on, the chocolate scent wafts to all around.  This is not necessarily the scent of high quality chocolate – more of a delicious chocolate made from powder.

The chocolate here is clearly not meant to impress, with the slightly powdery undertone of the cup I had.  The depth of flavour is lacking and therefore the taste somewhat flat.  But as high street hot chocolates go, if your penchant is for thick, custardy hot chocolate, this is absolutely the one for you!

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