Paul A Young Hot Chocolate Review

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Hot chocolate comes in all flavours it seems and made in a variety of ways and Paul A Young has some of the best around.

As you can see in the video, the hot chocolate is made fresh in the shop and there are a series of flavours that you can choose from to have added to your hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate is ladled from a large pot into a cup and the heat can be felt through the cup.  I think this should have warned me that something wasn’t quite right.

The first sip I took scalded me a bit so I had trouble tasting the chocolate.  I had to wait about 20minutes for the hot chocolate to cool to a more drinkable temperature and it was close to the end of the hot chocolate that the rich flavour of the chocolate came through.

You can taste the flavour of the chocolate with its slight earthiness which is sweetened just perfectly and balanced off against the milk it is mixed in with.  The hot chocolate is somewhere between Apostrophe and Carluccio’s and very nice.

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