Cadbury Releases a New Dairy Milk Bar Shape

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Yep – there is a new bar shape which has a rounded dome top instead of the normal flat top chunk. To launch it, Cadbury decided to also launch a competition to find an assistant taster. Yep – check out the website. They are looking for your input and you could win a lot of chocolate! Here’s Brian Blessed talking about it…

Yes oh yes that is a “GORDON’S ALIVE!” at the end of the video 😀 I think I melted a bit – kind of like the Dairy Milk. I did not have enough battery to take many pictures but the wonderful Dom did manage to snap this picture:

brian blessed and judith lewis

I think my brain exploded just a little bit…

So new shape to the 45g bar. It is still 230 calories, still contains a lot of vegetable fat instead of just cocoa butter and has E numbers. Still, at least they are using certified sustainable palm oil instead of still using destructive palm oil like some other companies still do: Here’s hoping Unilever will switch soon too as they are the largest buyer of palm oil in the world:

Honestly – I do eat Cadbury giant buttons. Husband claimed and ate the 200g bar Cadbury set me as a gift. He has also just claimed the 1kg bar I was gifted by Cadbury… I hope they launch something again soon so I can HIDE whatever they give me (the buttons will always be MINE!)

But if you’d like to eat ethical sweet milk chocolate and don’t want any palm oil in your chocolate, certified sustainable or otherwise, why not try Duffy’s, Divine, Askinosie, Amedei, Tcho or any of the other amazing chocolate makers out there?

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