Amelia Rope Dark Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition 01 Review

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Amelia Rope Dark Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition 01I’ve been lucky enough to meet Amelia Rope and even luckier enough to have been sent some of her chocolate. I was sent a pair of bars and I coveted them, squirreling them away. I put them in my handbag and secretly took them out to photo and try.

With 69% cocoa and a Madagascan origin, I expected great things from this bar. A nut bar is meant for chewing and so no gentle melting of the chocolate for me and besides – Amelia’s chocolate is all about how she pairs the chocolate as well as why she adds what she adds but it is not just about the chocolate.

Amelia Rope Dark Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition 01This bar has lovely exposed hazelnuts which are roasted to perfection and crunchy. I enjoyed the haphazard scattering of nuts but mourned the lack at times (as I started at the end with the most nuts).  I did get sea salt at times which was a slight but not unpleasant surprise when I got a bit. It doesn’t have the chance to become brine in your mouth as there isn’t too much. It is clearly there and there is a distinct salt flavour but it isn’t massive.

This is for sure a bar to take a nice bite of and chew to enjoy. Allowing it to melt not only simply softens the nut slightly (sometimes not at all) but the chocolate in the winter I suppose is less ready to melt. It is really much more of a bar to chew.

I did enjoy it as a hazelnut bar. Not as many nuts as Pierre Marcolini but I liked the way these were on the surface and exposed. I am a fan of the caramelised nut so if I was to improve it, I might opt for that but really, I think it is pleasant as it is.

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