Academy of Chocolate 2013 Award Winners

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Academy of Chocolate 2013 Award WinnersIn the world of chocolate we have one annual award (International Chocolate Awards) and one bi-annual award at the moment (The Academy of Chocolate Awards). With a bi-annual award, it is often that much more difficult to judge the entries because of the constantly improving quality of entrants each year and the increasing knowledge as a judge I gain each year. This may be why from 2015 the Academy of Chocolate Awards will go to an annual calendar, continuing their long history of uncovering the best of the best and promoting it to a British and global audience.

The entries for the 2013 Academy of Chocolate awards were of some brands I know and love, some that were new to me and some that had really raised their game from only a year previous. I was proud to be asked once again to be a judge and pleased to recognise some of the bars or filled chocolates I fell in love with in the judging session make it through to win a medal. All the judges on my table worked hard to be balanced and fair to everyone, and I know that I appreciated their company.

It is the inevitable result that any time something is being judged there are less than positive feelings about the outcomes. As a judge I know both I and all my fellow judges strove to be fair and even-handed, and I know the winners absolutely deserved their awards.

The 2013 Academy of Chocolate Award Winners (which are also available on the Academy of Chocolate website) are on the Academy of Chocolate Awards Website HERE. I’m so pleased for everyone and I hope that this trend in constantly pushing the boundaries of chocolate will continue. I look forward to people everywhere discovering better chocolate.

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