Abanico Sea Salt Caramels

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abanico sea salt caramel fanI ate half the box before I started writing this review and I’m eating another now.  I think that these are some of the best chocolates I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in recent times.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth though and when I am in the mood for sweet, these are absolutely perfect.  I have a dilemma right now – a dilemma that if I eat too many more, I’ll run out and no matter how much I love them, they won’t just magically reappear. This makes me sad…

abanico sea salt caramel fanI first heard about Abianco chocolate when Mathilde Dewilde brought their innovative packaging to my attention just after the shop launched.  The name means “fan” in Spanish and thus all the packaging is like a fan.  And hey – I’m a big ‘fan’ *hahaha*… oh… OK… no more jokes 😉

The milk chocolate is sweet but not cloying and interestingly not sticky like most milk chocolate is.  The sea salt caramel is very liquid but without just dribbling out of the pastille. The milk chocolate has a deep flavour with a bit of a molasses hit (I think) which, for me, enhances the sea salt caramel.

abanico sea salt caramelsThese are absolutely delicious.  These are sea salt caramels to be savoured and not scoffed.  I ate them over about 2 weeks and savoured each and every one as though it cost its weight in gold. These are absolutely delightful and the next time I am in Paris I’m buying more.

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