William Curley – Defeated by the Dessert

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william curley dessert barAt William Curley they have a dessert bar which at the weekends is just £15.I had the opportunity to try it when I found myself in London on a Saturday morning. I was, in the end, defeated by the dessert though.




william curley hot chocolateI started with buying myself a hot chocolate and I tried the new sea salt caramel. It was delicious and the hot chocolate was a delightful diversion.  After watching two women next to me experience the full glory of the dessert bar and the fresh baked madeleines, I had to try it myself.

william-curley-ice-pearAs you can see, I started in even before I took a picture. Merlot ice, jasmine poached pear and chocolate. Woah – fruit, floral, delightful!

william curley rhubarbThen came the freshly made madeleines, rhubarb compote and custard with caramel and pistachios with hand-made ginger ice cream.  YUMMY!

william-curley-dessert-barThen I got the thing that finally defeated me – black forest dessert with pistachio ice cream. This was an ultimate chocolate dessert with delightfully dense and extreme chocolate flavour. Just too much so I had to take it home which was slightly difficult when I was visiting a friend.

william curley petit foursTo finish it off later that day, I had the petit fours. There’s a yummy chocolate macaron and some chocolates. You can pick the ones you want. I chose a raspberry and an earl grey tea. I liked the Earl Grey Tea one best 🙂

The girls next to me got tea as well but as I had already bought myself a hot chocolate there was no room for tea. I’m not sure if that is included in the price they paid or not so check when you order. All in all it was delicious and well worth making the trip for!

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