Valrhona 2010 Limited Edition Single Estate Bars

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I managed to buy these bars on a trip to the US and I thought that these grand cru bars were really original and innovative. The bars were great and I wrote these notes but the pictures of the bars and their boxes have been lost sadly.

Valrhona Palmira – Almost peanut initial flavour notes making me think of African beans. Mellows into an odd mix of nuts & honey that have been warmed for too long – slight burnt edge but only the barest hint as though the beans were taken to their edge.
Interesting deep dark chocolate with a much more flat flavour profile – bursts of flavour against a slightly drying fudgy chocolate

Valrhona Ampamakia – Slightly nutty – unexpectedly so. Still ripe red fruits, still delicious middle of slightly acidic chocolate.  Nicely smooth, good finish – light & clean. The melt is quick – nuttiness is only at the start – acidity & red fruits is all through the middle.  Slight spicy notes at start but overwhelmed by fruit acidity in middle. For some reason as I eat more vanilla comes out.
This is complex & delightful – pure Madagascar.

Valrhona Gran Couva – I don’t have words for what I’m tasting. It is like a floral, fermented raisin flavour. Slightly smoky flavour comes through towards the end with a bit of earthiness. There might be a woody spice note in there as well, hidden among the warring flavours.

It is extremely difficult to describe this chocolate because of the complexities in the flavour profile. The woody spicy notes, the slight smoke, the dried fruit and floral flavours all combine to make this unique. I’m not sure I like it. I think I prefer a different flavour profile but nonetheless you cannot deny that this is a triumph.

All in all, these three bars are completely different from each other, completely unique and completely unlike anything else I’ve had from Valrhona. This is really something else and if you dig these flavours you might be able to find them but as they are limited you might not find these exact bars anymore.

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