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To round off a week of tea chocolate reviews, I thought I’d review a chocolate tea!  This tea came on my radar thanks to a friend and then was recommended to be at a trade show I was at.  The lovely gentleman on the stall helpfully taught me – and on video for all of you – how to make a hot chocolate latte.

This is actually a surprisingly good mug of tea when you make it at home.chocolate tea from teapigs I would recommend having milk with this tea as I found it really make it like a cup of light hot chocolate although slightly different.  The flavour of the tea isn’t strongly chocolate and adding milk doesn’t make it taste like hot chocolate milk – it is more of a chai latte without the spice and more chocolate 🙂

The tea is whole leaf and the triangular gauze bag means you get a good full flavour.  This tea is delicious and I’d buy more – in fact I did at Waitrose.  There is a whole series of teas and chocolate is just one flavour.

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  1. Choclette says:

    One I have yet to try – sound good like the idea of it being like Chai without the spices 🙂

  2. snowted says:

    Oh wow chocolate tea! I love tea and chocolate, I really need to try this!

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