Simone Marie Belgian Chocolates in Toronto

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I am passionate about chocolate, as is clear from this blog. I seek out everywhere I can to find the novel, unique, top quality and enjoyable chocolates.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I have to scrub my tongue in order to remove the oily film left behind.

Simone Marie chocolates promises the best quality Belgian chocolates.  Upon entering you are met with the distinctive scent of imported Belgian chocolates with a longer than high quality shelf life.  It speaks to you of a higher sugar and fat content, with preservatives.  To most people, this aroma is absolute heaven, so unfamiliar are they with high quality chocolates.

I chatted with the lovely owner for awhile about her chocolate selection.  Familiar as I was with Hotel Chocolat and other suppliers, I quickly spotted the fondant mint I enjoy from Hotel Chocolat sitting among her chocolates.  We spoke about European chocolates and quality.  She recommended some chocolates, which I bought and tried at home.

This shop is quite clearly passionate about chocolates.  The person I spoke to was clearly enthusiastic about chocolate and had much to share.  The chocolates were quite typical Belgian chocolates created for export.  In order to prevent spoilage they are not the best, most pure chocolate but they are very good quality.  I’m sure a lover of Belgian chocolate would make this a regular stop for a weekly shop for a chocolate a day.

These are really good quality chocolates but not top notch.  That is by necessity because of the shipping and the manufacturing.  I am also not a huge fan of the Belgian style of chocolate, preferring what I have been told is the French style.

I would say that there is better chocolate in Toronto but it is still worth a visit and worth a shop.

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  1. Castelle says:

    I shall have to take a stroll to try this. Although I may not enjoy it as much, the husfriend (who can’t tell the difference to save his life) would be most pleased.

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