Scharffen Berger Nibbly Dark Chocolate and Roasted Nibs

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While in San Francisco, I had the luck of going to the Scharffen Berger shop in the Ferry Building. It was a nice walk on a lovely day and so I spent some time investigating chocolate shops. The Scharffen Berger chocolate shop has their own chocolate and Dagoba (the chocolate, not the planet) for sale, both being acquisitions by chocolate/candy giant Hershey. Given it is part of a larger company I’m never sure what to expect. I had tried some of the bittersweet earlier and found it different than expected so it was with some concern that I ventured out and actually buyght this bar to try.

This chocolate bar from Scharffen Berger called the “Nibbly Dark Chocolate and Roasted Nibs” bar, isn’t terrible. There is the distinctive flavour of the nibs which actually completely overwhelms the chocolate. It tastes like the nibs are fruity – overly so – and there is a strange additional flavour that I want to call over fermentation but isn’t quite. There is something distinct and different in the flavour I’m not used to tasting in nibs. This isn’t unpleasant but the extreme fruity flavour of nibs is a bit much for me.

It is interesting and given a quirky mood, I’d probably go for it. The chocolate is very nice though and there are lots of nibs in the bar so you certainly aren’t wanting for nibs when you bite into it. The jury is still deliberating on whether I like it but I would definitely recommend it from a purchasing point of view. I paid for it and don’t regret it after tasting it.

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