Prestat 16 Chocolate Assortment Jewel Box

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Prestat Jewel BoxThere’s a chocolate for every reason in here.  I just found a penny, I had a great hair day, I have a coffee and need a chocolate… any reason you can think of a reason for chocolate, there’s a chocolate in here for it.

Much like the Prestat mint box, this box of delicious chocolates is packed full of goodness.  The common thick shell this time hides a delightful differently flavoured centre.  They joy of a box like this is that if you don’t happen to like one, there’s tons more to choose from.

I remember opening the box and seeing the card for the flavours and thinking ‘shame they won’t all be in there’ then my delight when they were.  From coffee cream to a delightful hazelnut and hard toffee chocolate, everything on the card was in the box.
Prestat Chocolate Assortment
This has got to be one of the safest and best gifts.  The box is sturdy so you could even trust it to the post. The chocolates are all thick shelled so they won’t easily squish and the box design is just so much fun it’s hard to resist.

Once again the chocolate isn’t the top of the top and I think it needs to be that step below to ensure long shelf life but these chocolates do try very hard to be both delightfully good quality, and be on the shelves when you want them, where you want them.  The chocolate is still miles better than much mass market chocolate though at times is a bit too sweet for me.

While this box took longer to disappear than the mint box, it still beat the tin of Celebrations which, three months after purchase still languishes with its chocolates on the kitchen table.

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