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Lindt stracciatellaYou all may have heard me rave about Lindor at one time or another. It is absolutely delicious and I just love warming it up and letting the inside melt so that you get that velvet liquid goodness just oozing out after each bite. Well those lovely people at Lindt have created a new one just for the holidays – Lindor Stracciatella.

These are billed on the package as being like cookies and cream and indeed with the dollop of vanilla and white chocolate, they do remind me of an Oreo a little bit but what I think makes these stand out for me is not the cream but what I guess is the cookies – cocoa nibs.

Lindt stracciatellaYep – you read that correctly – there are real cocoa nibs in this box of Lindor Stracciatella. This just really changes the whole experience for me. Not only are these not too oily but they are also a little less sweet from those cocoa nibs. There aren’t too many and they seem to just be in the shell but I just think that having something like that just changes everything for me.

Lindt stracciatellaThese are sweet but they aren’t excessively so, They are white chocolate with vanilla but they are also that little bit less extreme. They are delightful and I’m certainly buying more at the holidays and giving them as gifts because most of my colleagues like the sweet stuff 😉

These were the favourite of the flight crew of the American Airlines flight I was on and shared them around. Excellent!

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