Le Mac a Lyon Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel Macarons

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mac a lyonI was ignorant and now I understand.  At least I *think* I understand because I can’t find any information on the internet about these chocolate covered macarons.  I wish there was some more information because then I could also order some in the future yet instead I must suffer through the knowledge that I am unlikely to try these gems again.

Sebastian BouilletWhat is Mac a Lyon?  Well, it comes from Sebastian Bouillet.  After a career in the most prestigious French pastries, he decided in 2000 to return to breathe new life into the shop his parents started.  In 2004, he became a member of the “Relais Dessert International” and continued to push on working and advancing their work as well as his own.  He has opened many shops including two in Japan.

When I originally saw these I have to admit I was not exactly thrilled with the packaging and it didn’t appeal to me.  It was orange and the font and configuration of the text was less than appealing to my Canadian eyes.  Still, the group I was with was given a review box and we each duly took one.  I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting anything thrilling.

Each macaron has sprinkles of gold flake on the top and is completely covered in a dark 70% chocolate.  It isn’t thrilling chocolate but it isn’t burnt or bitter so it is nice.  Biting in to one I understand the tagline “70% chocolate, 100% pleasure”.  These macarons are a delicious delight – light and airy and yet the filling is soft and lush.  The sea salt caramel flavour comes striding through immediately when you bite into one and it lasts filling your mouth with pleasure.

mac a lyon cut openThese are just magical macarons. I’m having trouble putting into words how delightful it is as you bite through the perfect thickness chocolate shell into the light macaron and through the filling to feel that sea salt caramel flavour fill your mouth because I just want to eat it and enjoy it and ignore note-taking to live in the moment of the taste.  That delightful taste combines with the chocolate and evolves before finishing quickly and cleanly, leaving you wanting more.

I’d happily buy these if I could.  Probably far too often as well!

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