Laurent Gerbaud Roasted Cocoa Nibs Chocolate Bar Review

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laurent gerbaud cocoa nibs chocolate barWhen I chose the bars I did from Laurent Gerbaud I knew I was not getting top quality because I asked. BUT WAIT! I was misinformed!! The lovely Doreen alerted me that I was misinformed and I asked and was told by Laurent himself that “I am using Italian chocolate made by DOMORI in Piemonte. I make my own blend from three different origins processed by Domori : Madagascar, Ecuador and Peru.” I chose, therefore, bars with stuff in them. Two bars in fact – one with Yuzu and this one with nibs.

I was once at an expo and I was trying chocolate at stalls. Now, when you are standing somewhere and trying their chocolate, spitting it back at them is not ladylike and something I tend to avoid. Honestly. There was one occasion I almost did not make it. The chocolate was so vile, so disgusting I had to excuse myself and spit it into the garbage at the end of the row. I hope they didn’t see me but never before have I needed to spit as much as I did at that expo.

laurent gerbaud cocoa nibs chocolate barIn a sense, I was taking a bit of a chance with this bar. The presence of nibs means it will enhance a bad flavour or enhance a good flavour. I knew I was taking a chance and I was a bit worried and so I decided that I would take the chance. I have more than once spat chocolate out and as I was at home when trying this chocolate, it meant I could spit without embarrassment.

This chocolate isn’t that bad really. Slightly acidic and could have a hint of fruit but the roasted cocoa nibs which dominate the flavour. The chocolate isn’t bad and melts smoothly. The flavour is not bad and seems nicely balanced. It is a really enjoyable bar with a delightful flavour. The slight acidity and almost fruity flavour makes this a nice bar but I’m not sure it is worth 6.50 Euros.

laurent gerbaud cocoa nibs chocolate bar reviewWould I buy more of this chocolate – I’m not sure. I would most certainly review more if I was sent it but at the price for a 50g bar I am unconvinced after 2 bars if I would splash the cash and buy more as I do with Duffy and Soma.

And now I know why I thought it was not bad – because it is a blend of Domori chocolate. Now, I’m not overly keen on blends, although Soma are working on changing my mind 😉 I think that blends often flatten the flavour. As you can see I got acidity, I got fruit and overall it was a really enjoyable bar with a delightful flavour. I have more & I’ll share with anyone who’d like to try it (and you’ll note I did place this in “top notch” already 😉 )

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