Lauden Valentine’s Day Chocolate Selection

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lauden valentinesValentine’s chocolates in their heart shapes seem to be everywhere now but how can you be sure you’re choosing quality? One way is to opt for Sun Trigg’s chocolates. Any of her chocolates are awesome but the two brand new chocolates she has created are awesome.

Lauden Chocolates is run by Stephen and Sun Trigg in Leeds in the north of England. It was born out of frustration by their owners not being able to buy fine chocolate where they live. They would regularly visit some fantastic Chocolatier with a great shopping experience and customer service but their taste buds were more than often left unsatisfied. To the owners, Sun and Stephen, “It’s all about the Chocolate!” so they decided to make their own.

These chocolates are delightful. They aren’t in the lovely clear plastic boxes they use which I absolutely love but they are thick and lovely. There are two new chocolates for Valentine’s Day and I do hope they’ll be a regular feature.

strawberries creamMilk chocolate, strawberries and cream – Sweet but slightly sour, this delightful chocolate has an amazing slightly sour counter point to the sweet milk chocolate. I could eat a dozen of these but I just ate six 😉 They are delightful and sweet but slightly sour to counter the sweetness so you get this play in your mouth between the sweet and tart flavour sensations. Fun and delicious and something lots of people will love. Very morish!

heather honeyHeather Honey and dark chocolate heart – the slightly floral nose of the heather honey is absolutely brilliant. The chocolate is lovely without being sweet which I have to admit I’m loving in the honey chocolates I’m getting. You get the nose of a floral without the sweetness of the honey. Absolutely brilliant chocolate.

These are both amazing chocolates. For those with a sweet tooth, the milk chocolate and strawberries and cream chocolate is amazing. For those into something slightly different, the heather honey dark chocolate is just amazing. Either way, you’ll be buying a winner!

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