Joe & Seph’s Caramel Belgian Chocolate Popcorn

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caramel chocolate popcorn bagI love popcorn – especially caramel popcorn. One of the nicest caramel popcorns I have ever had is Joe & Seph’s. Not only have they done amazing things with their mince pie popcorn tasting exactly like mince pies, but the caramel they do is inspired. It’s not sticky to touch but it is deliciously sweet.

Sometimes when I’m in Whole Foods and I wonder about buying some Joe & Seph’s popcorn and look at those clear thick plastic bags and their caramel corn perfection and the price I realise that in buying it I’m both buying something delicious and supporting a small business doing good.

caramel chocolate popcornThis chocolaty flavour is delicious. The popcorn is fresh and crunchy, the caramel is their usual caramel perfection and the chocolate is a subtle hint. It was a very subtle hint. But the caramel corn does have the chocolaty deliciousness mixed in and so you get chocolate and caramel at the same time.

This was delicious and wonderful and I found that before I realised it I had eaten the whole bag. It was immensely satisfying and delicious and I want more. I just wish I had a Whole Foods nearby so I could go buy more right now!

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