It’s a Complete Clusterphuck at America at Trump Toronto Over Lunch

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America at TrumpLunch started out wonderfully, especially I wasn’t expecting it. I had shown up to review desserts and I got a chance to experience an absolutely wonderful lunch at America unexpectedly.

nocetoAs I am just learning about wine, I took the opportunity to chat with the sommelier about the wine selection at America. Of course, as an Ontario girl I’m keen to drink Ontario wine when I am in Ontario but the sommelier convinced me to try some US wines – one from Oregon and a Californian. Normally I never would but in this case I am glad I tried them. I believe one was by-the-glass and the other by the bottle but both were well worth indulging in.

guild wineI feel like I’m cheating on my roots…

burger at trumpThen I got my burger which was chef’s take on a Big Mac including wagyu beef, bespoke sauce and absolutely gorgeous bun. When it all came together with fried is was slightly salty for me but I could see how this would be absolutely perfect for so many people and it went perfectly with the wine. Seriously I don’t think I could ever be a sommelier and keep all that data in my head (along with the chocolate data and SEO data and social media data… it’s getting a bit crowded in my brain)

burger and wineIt was a gorgeous meal and absolutely fantastic wine but this was not why I was here – but the Clusterphuck was yet to come…

remonte pente maple syrupFirst I got to try some of the most amazing Maple Syrup I have ever tried. It was like Ninutik and was absolutely gorgeous. I love the new artisan movement in maple syrup to emphasise terroir!

mississippi mud slideThen I got the Mississippi Mud Slide dessert which was a gorgeous combination of hot and cold, chocolate and caramel, cake and ice cream. It was heaven on a plate – absolute heaven. They made the caramel, they made the cocoa nibs tuille, and the warm gooey brownie was amazing. What a gorgeous plate.

Then it happened. The Clusterphuck.

clusterphuckA combination of Valrhona chocolate, marshmallows, and graham. Created in a large, solid bar of Valrhona chocolate studded with marshmallows and sprinkles with graham on a guillotine so you can cut whatever size piece you wish.

clusterphuckThe Clusterphuck.

Wait – what did you think it was?

You can get a Clusterphuck of your very own at America which is in Trump Toronto.

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  1. I agree that Trump Toronto knows how to do chocolate! When I stayed there, they brought a beautiful try of handmade chocolate to my room complete with my name etched in chocolate! I didn’t have the opportunity to have lunch there, though, as my time was very short (on a layover.) Will have to go back for the Clusterphuck!

  2. Riz @ Chocolates & Chai says:

    I’ve been meaning to visit America at Trump Toronto… most of my friends that have been reported a mediocre, overpriced, and ultimately disappointing experience (though not as bad as the meh-ness that was Stock).

    Glad to hear the Clusterphuck was a good thing!!


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