Hotel Chocolat Egg Chips Review

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Hotel Chocolat Egg & ChipsI’m just in love with Hotel Chocolat sea salted caramel. It is something delicious with their milk chocolate loveliness and I’ve just fallen in love with their choccies. If there was one thing I would change about their egglets, I would make them thinner.

Well, my thinner shell wish came true in this lovely set of yummy choccies. The egg is white chocolate with vanilla seeds in it, making it creamy and intensely vanilla, kind of like eating vanilla ice cream in chocolate for,.  The yolk is delicious caramel and it is tough to separate out so I just ate it.  Then after eating the egg yolk of salted caramel and white chocolate, and the white of white chocolate and vanilla seeds, I started on the chips.

Hotel Chocolat Egg & ChipsThe chips… the chips are amazing. They aren’t too thick shelled and there is a *lot* of sea salt caramel in there. This is exactly what I was hoping for. A delicious stick of sea salted caramel goodness in mellow milk chocolate – just what you want to go with your chocolate egg.

I have to admit – I like these more than last year’s version.  Firstly, these are sea salted caramel and secondly they don’t look as real as last year. Woah but those eggy soldier things looked read and kinda creepy. So I’ll be keeping these for myself…

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