Good Deeds Aren’t Just for Christmas

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I was part of Coke’s Good Deeds campaign. As a blogger I blogged about it earlier, tweeted about it, Vine’d it, and actually went out of my way to do good deeds.

I took time to listen to two different sets of carollers – one at the office singing a Christmas carol for one of the staff and once in town.

I thanked our postman and gave him a surprise gift of a bottle of wine. Try as I might, I never managed to catch our bin men so I have a tub of chocolates for them around the house still.

I offered to be a designated driver (and was) three times over the holidays including driving from Wales back to Oxfordshire on Boxing Day. We didn’t drive anywhere Christmas Day but I would have happily been designated driver then too.

I surprised husband by hanging a glass mistletoe and frequently hugging and kissing him under it.

I helped three people with luggage, including one of the guys at the office who had the largest suitcase I have ever seen!

I wore a silly hat of my own making to make my co-workers laugh. They actually thought it was nice and it brightened up their day.

I paid several people compliments they weren’t expecting. I try and be complimentary but I’m a bit shy so this was a challenging good deed to complete!

When I wished a complete stranger Merry Christmas they smiled at first then looked at me like I was a bit loony 😀

I tried to give someone a home made card but she has been away so my special secret for her is now public (she reads my blog) but I hope she’s back son so I can hand it to her myself 😉

I made a point of holding doors open for people (but not the Tube doors of course)

I rewarded good customer service with a box of chocolates as a thank you. I was really appreciative of the help I was given by FGW so I bought some Hotel Chocolat chocolates and gave them to Ollie.

I’ve recycled all year so it was easy to recycle all through the holidays, making sure I used wrapping that could be recycled and also by actually recycling it as well as all the other recyclables.

The point of the campaign from Coke though was to get us ALL doing good deeds over the holidays and to think of other people before ourselves. It’s something I totally get behind and I encourage you all to do.

What did you do this year that was a good deed?

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10 Responses to Good Deeds Aren’t Just for Christmas

  1. stephanie campbell says:

    i like to try and think im doing a good deed, even if its just holiding a door open for someone.

    when i am in town i often will go to a bakery and buy a coffee and a pasty for a homeless person.
    a few days before christmas i went to my fave coffee shop when an elderly couple walked in with a pushchair and an absolutley distraught child, they couldn’t undo the straps and bars and sit the pram up for this freshly awoken child so i came over to help and soon the little dude was being consoled by his nanny with a giant chocolate coin that my 4 year old son handed over, but they were so grateful that i was able to assist them because you could see the frustration and embarssment they felt. they were adament they were going to buy me a drink, i insisted that if they wished to buy a drink they should for someone homeless. i did feel very good about being able to make several peoples day in the space on 10 minutes but it was just about being in the right place at the right time! ( I am also EXTREMLY proud of my little man with his generosity- father christmas obviously had to bring him an even bigger coin and a note to say he was watching and was also very proud- he was chuffed).

  2. Caroline says:

    Throughout last year I collected non-perishable food items, (tins, tea, biscuits.. etc) and donated to my local church, who distributes items to elderly/ill people in the area at Christmas time.
    I plan to do the same this year, but recruit some friends and family to take part as well, making it bigger and better, and more people happier.

  3. Chelsey Wood says:

    I love nothing more than helping someone out. My biggest good deed for the year was probably offering to take care of my 9 year old sister in law for 14 daysnso that my mother in law could take a well earned holiday abroad. My sister in law suffers with ADHD and it can be difficult to manage so my mother in law doesn’t get any time to was a lovely feeling knowing I had helped her to have some much needed relaxation.

  4. Naomi Buchan says:

    I like to do good deeds often but generally its small things like helping a mum on to the bus with a pushchair or letting someone with one item go in front of me at the checkout. I think that if people were generally more aware of whats going on around them (not just at christmas) the world would be a happier place. As far as bigger things i have recycled more, passed on lots of items for free through Gumtree (note to all there are lots of people willing to collect cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, jamjars and old bedding) and i nearly always remember to bring reuseable bags when i go shopping (and any plastic bags i do take are saved and taken to a charity shop for them to use). Hopefully this next year i’ll be able to door more x

  5. Jen Mellor says:

    My 2014 new years resolution was to do more good deeds and selfless acts. I hope I make many people happy along the way.


  6. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I make a point of telling people when they look good – even if they are strangers. It’s a two way thing – they’ve made the effort so I see see something appealing – they deserve to know it’s appreciated.

  7. chris williams says:

    I love nothing more than helping someone else out and find it very rewarding. If someone is good at their job or just nice I tell them, I know how rewarding a complement can be to receive even if I am a stranger. I am making a big effort this year to de-clutter my home and wardrobes and will enjoy giving the bits I don’t need to local charity shops . It costs nothing to just be nicer and more thoughtful to others and I am sure that this world would be a much better place if everyone did exactly that. A smile goes a long way too, it’s free and it can change some ones day so why not try it. Happy New Year everyone.

  8. lorraine stone says:

    Towards the end of last year I was noticing that when I phoned my Dad, as I do every night since we lost Mum, that I was getting the call over really quick. Telling him what I had been up to and then not leaving much time for him to tell me about his day. So I have become more aware to actually talk to me Dad, let him tell me things and not to tidy round and stack away the dishes while he is doing it!

  9. Maggie Coates says:

    A good sentiment. A good deed can really make someone’s day.

  10. A wonderful thought to commence the year with :)Thanks for the reminder.

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