Do a Good Deed This Christmas – The Message from Coca-Cola

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This holiday season when we’re all pushing people out of the way and getting annoyed at people who walk slower than us or who linger in the frozen section trying to chose the right turkey, Coca-Col want us to stop, slow down, and think of other people.

That’s right – soft drinks giant Coca-Cola isn’t trying to sell us more soft drinks this holiday season. They want us to do good and as a blogger I’m part of the #GoodDeeds mission. I totally agree with this approach to the holidays. In fact, Coca-Cola doesn’t just want us to do good, they want us to think about some specific kinds of good like offering to be the designated driver for holiday drinks (I’ve offered twice so husband can enjoy himself for once though he claims to need to be drunk to cope with my driving), I’ve stopped to listen to carolers, I’ve done more recycling, I’ve said “Merry Christmas” to a stranger (they looked at me oddly – like I was a nut case), I’ve given many surprise gifts to people who weren’t expecting them including buying some large tubs of chocolates for the various services I engage, and I’ve worn a silly hat to make my work colleagues laugh.

I may have done all these things but there is yet more to do… Here’s some inspiration:

I don’t let my good deed doing stop at the holidays though. I try and be thoughtful and caring every day of the year. It would be good if we could all stop and think about doing good beyond the holidays but as a participant of the #GoodDeeds campaign of Coca-Cola I’m happy to try and get you, my dear readers, to try and do more good.

What good deeds are you doing this year? Have you surprised your postperson with chocolates? Have you been out caroling for charity? Perhaps you’re the designated driver this holiday season? Whatever it is, share it below.

This holiday season one of my good deeds is going to be bringing Christmas dinner to my widowed father in law. When I say, “bringing Christmas dinner”, I mean that I’ll be bringing a hamper from M&S we bought in order to ensure he wasn’t alone on the birthday of his late wife – Christmas Day. While it is sad to be alone at the holidays, it seems worse to be mourning someone you were with for almost 70 years so husband and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he isn’t alone…

Come on – share your #GoodDeed in the comments!

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