Fudge Kitchen Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate Drinking Fudge Review

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Fudge Kitchen Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate Drinking FudgeIt was possibly the fact that they were using it on oatmeal that intrigued me or possible just what they had called it “hot chocolate fudge”.  Now, if you, like I , have eaten a lot of fudge in your time, you’ll know it comes from hard to soft but not liquid.  So sceptical as I was, I decided that I’d visit them at the Speciality food fair and grab one to review.

I have to admit, at first inspection, this looks like one of those packets of condiments you get with an instant or take-away/take out meal.  You know the kind – Wing’s soy sauce or whatever – in the plastic packet just waiting to be added to something to fulfil its life ambition.  In fact, to a certain extend you are being cruel to those condiment packets you get by not using them.  You are preventing them from achieving self-actualisation by fulfilling the very essence of their life-s purpose – flavouring food.

Fudge Kitchen Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate Drinking FudgeWhile true that food is often flavourful on its own, imagine the joy and pleasure you will be adding to both it and the condiment packet by adding that additional ray of flavourful sunshine to your mean.  You’ll be helping the condiment pack achieve self-actualisation, flavouring your food *and* eating something yummy all while helping another thing achieve its life ambition.  Makes you feel pretty bad for neglecting those other condiment packets, doesn’t it?

But I should get back to the hot chocolate.  Now, I didn’t take a picture of adding it to the milk but please let me assure any of you who buy these that they do not taste the way they look being squeezed out of the packet.  I promise you that it tastes much better so close your eyes and add that packet to the milk.  I used around 200mL of milk as you can see (which is half a normal mug and like a 1/4 of what I usually have as a mug of tea) and followed the instructions to heat the milk for 1min, then add the packet (don’thtinkaboutwhatitlookslike) then I zapped it for another 45 seconds, stirred and enjoyed.

Fudge Kitchen Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate Drinking FudgeI had the chocolate orange, having spurned the coconut (I know, I’m biased but hey – taste is personal!)  This hot chocolate was sweet as you would expect but I like the preparation method and it stays well mixed which is something powders and other hot chocolates just don’t seem to do.  This hot chocolate, as a chocolate orange selection, has a very pronounced orange flavour and very pleasant flavour if you like chocolate orange. This is just one of the range though – I’d love to review other flavours and so, dear readers, watch this space for hopefully more reviews of this hot chocolate range!

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