Feeding Your Imagination Chocolates

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I was given some samples of the “Feeding Your Imagination” chocolate which comes with some imaginative names. I got “Yang”, “Seductive”, “Sensual”, and “Mistress” given to me. They are heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in black foil. Very different from what you might be expecting.

This chocolate is very different and its sugary, oily nature places it in the OK category. “Yang” is organic milk chocolate wutg herbal ashwagandha, gokshura and kapikachu. A surprising herbal flavour with a sharp tang inthe aftertaste. This chocolate is OK but not really to my taste. I’m sure that many will enjoy this though because if its very differentness. “Sensual” has a shocking chilli with nutmeg and orange flavour reminding me somewhat of Christmas. The sugary milk chocolate helps calm the clilli a bit but the bite is still extreme. A nice surprise for some I am sure but I found it overpowering.

The dark chocolate “Seductive” heart with ginger, jasmin green tea and goji berries was gentler after the chilli of the “Sensual”. There were lots of goji berries in the chocolate and the dark chocolate was nicer than the milk. I can see these going quickly at a party. “Mistress” was the last one on the plate with chilli, cocoa nibs and acai. This chilli was not as agressive as the milk chocolate heart “sensual” but still harsh. The cocoa nibs were crunchy and the chocolate itself was pretty typical of this level of dark chocolate.

In all, these were interesting chocolates. Probably enjoyable at a party as most people will be familiar with Cadbury or Green and Blacks and so this will be a new taste sensation for them. The organic chocolate makes this an especially tempting treat for many.

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  1. Ben Brown says:

    I don’t think I would ever describe chilli as “Sensual” I grow my own and have never considered them a part of foreplay…

    • JudithLewis says:

      Nor would I come to think of it.

      I have to admit, the rare times I have found myself in a sex shop in the UK I haven’t noticed any chilli on sale as part of the… “supplies”, but then again I wasn’t looking out for it.

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