Fassbender & Rausch Petit Petit Dessert Chocolates

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Fassbender and Rausch petit petit dessert chocolatesWhile in the famous Fassbender & Rausch shop, I picked up some of the Kleines Konfekt miniature dessert chocolates.  With a solid chocolate base and whipped chocolate body in a plastic cover, they were too cute to ignore.  I chose Latte Macchiato and Chocolate Praline versions of these chocolate delights.

Petit Petit Chocolate Praline – this chocolate delight seems to be topped with real cocoa bean with a sweet chocolate top to the chocolate base.  It’s a bit like a cross between a lush dessert and a naked chocolate.  In fact naked chocolate is the best way to describe it.  There is a slight hint of alcohol flavour to it and it is pleasant and as these are not too expensive they are a delightful party gift.  As this one was quite sweet perhaps one each would be enough.

Petit Petit Latte Macchiato – this is mainly white chocolate and so far too sweet to me but with the most lovely coffee flavour.  Oh if only this had been done in regular chocolate my husband and I would be in heaven.  The coffee flavour though is spoiled for me by the extreme sweetness of the white chocolate.  Despite a layer of milk chocolate, it tasted like sugar candy.  I’m sure for many people who love white chocolate this would be utter heaven.

They don’t travel though as mine got squished and my chocolate one was hard to free from the plastic.  I ended up licking the plastic (so I did enjoy it) and it really made the chocolate one feel like a naked chocolate to me.  I’d love to try others though and next time I am in erlin I fully intend to go back to Fassbinder & Rasusch.

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