Divine Valentines Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts & Dark Chocolate Hearts Review

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divine praline hearts boxValentines day comes once a year and all sorts of lovely chocolates come around.  Sometimes people think they can only get nice chocolates in a fancy shop but sometimes you can get some great chocolate in the supermarket or even – OXFAM SHOP!

divine praline heartsThe milk chocolate and praline hearts are very large and covered in gold foil.  As most milk chocolates are, this is quite a sweet milk chocolate.  The praline is not too strong and it is quite different from Guylian.  These hearts come in a simple box but there are plenty of them and lots to share so this is the gift that keeps on giving.  While these are too sweet for me they are going to be perfect for anyone who likes sweet, nutty chocolate.

divine dark chocolate heartsThe dark chocolate hearts are delicious. They are solid dark chocolate and yummy.  The dark chocolate has a nice flavour, not to aggressive but with a nice balance and without any over roasting.  The flavour hints at a well aged bean that has not been over fermented (Hershey’s) and yet is a mass-market consumer product.  It was slightly surprising to have a chocolate flavoured like this as I really expect novelty chocolate to be dull and uninspiring and yet this chocolate was flavourful and fruity.divine dark chocolate hearts box

I have to say that the biggest surprise was the dark chocolate hearts.  This chocolate was delicious and I fully expected it to be only so-so.  The dark chocolate hearts were absolutely yummy and I found I had gone through three before I realised I was letting them melt in my mouth in succession without any of the budget chocolate vegetable oil flavour or unpleasantly improperly mixed sugar.  This is really a delicious, quality dark chocolate and well worth purchasing for only £3.50 from Oxfam or Waitrose shops in the UK.

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